The Gary Cantrell Podcast

He's an introvert who interviews strangers from the internet. Gary Cantrell is no stranger to weight loss. He lost over 100lbs through patience, consistency, hard work and self love. The man behind the Hard Work Always Wins mantra shares his experience along his weight loss journey through the highs and lows and interviews fellow weight loss friends usually from Instagram who are in the midst of their journeys. The thing is, Gary's never spoken to these people 1 on 1 before whether it be in person or over the phone so over the course of an hour, Gary and his guest have to figure each other out while having a raw, natural conversation.

But this isn't just a weight loss podcast, it's much more. It's a look at Gary's life in the big picture and his various experiences past and present! From time to time old friends resurface on the podcast to reminisce about the "good ol days". You can follow Gary on Instagram @GaryCantrell